Monday, 8 December 2014


So here we go, some goals for 2015;

  • some light indoor track racing aiming to dip under 9 for 3k
  • rotterdam marathon, aiming for south of 2:30:00
    • how far south, god hates a coward:-)
  • nationals track 10km, aiming to dip under 32:00
    • how large a dip, well one second would be just fine with me:-)
Nordic / Ski Racing
  • local alberta cups, depending on how back responds to skiing
  • local loppets, see above:-)
General state of affairs
I am almost back to full health running eighteen minute tempo runs not including warm up and warm down and just ramped those up to twenty four minutes plus 60 minute aerobic skis. Right now tempo runs are coming in at 7 minutes per mile and will look to get that down to under 6 over the next few months as health and fitness improves and the skiing will remain easy aerobic skiing as intervals are putting too much pressure on the back muscles.
This seemed appropriate for this post.
How are these goals going to all happen;
  • focus on nutrition
  • gradual reduction of body weight
  • focus on recovery
  • proper pacing of workouts
  • no ski intervals so not to irritate the back muscles, just aerobic paced skiing this winter
  • low rep, high weight strength training using two exercises;
    • overhead squats
    • deadlifts
Barring that, they will remain just that, goals:-)