Monday, 30 June 2014

Mountain Running

A few pictures from the Canadian Mountain Running Championships in Golden, BC this past weekend. This event was of particular interest to me as it was an all uphill format as the downhill's have been hard on my disc over the years and as hoped it proved to be a good mix of a short hard effort with all climbing giving the epic but without the hard pounding to the back.

Heading into this I thought I might have been able to compete with the leaders but they were too much for my current level of speed and strength but in terms of the 40+ group I was able to hold pace and be competitive and on that note will be heading to the World Masters Mountain Running Championships in September.


I think this is a good fit for me as it is a uphill format event, allows me to focus on speed and strength and I will be racing with athletes my own age, 45-49. So an element of epic while being allot easier on my on going disc issues than the ultras I have doing in the past and has that international flavor I enjoy.

As for training the goal will be to continue with the track work, build strength, core and agility with a focus on climbing.
Lining up!
They are off!
Rounding the bend after the first 2km loop, now we head up!
The final pitch.


A view of the final few km's to the top.

A view of midway.
With this current mix of track, mountain running and fall cross country and the corresponding training I think this might transition well into the Nordic season and some great winter racing!

Saturday, 21 June 2014


Posted 4:32 for 1500m and 9:36 for 3000m last weekend in Calgary. Since back I have been doing a few hard trail workouts to prepare next weekends National 12km Mountain Running Championships. Also making a few adjustments to technique to increase cadence and decrease ground contact time and increasing core strength training.

Post Mountain Championships it will be back to the track looking to lower 1500m and 3000m times and maybe just maybe using this to get ready for the World Mountain Running Championships in August but that would be getting ahead of ourselves, way ahead:-)

Monday, 9 June 2014

Spiked Up, Psyched Up

With the marathon out of the way, looking forward to going short for the next few weeks;
  • CalTaf Track Classic - 1500m
  • CalTaf Track Classic - 3000m
  • National 5000m or 10000m - heavy maybe, depends on the above:-)
  • National Mountain Running Championships - 12km
Good workout to start this week on the track, keeping in mind, me on the track is like Forest Gump with track spikes:-)

  • 3 x 200m @ 40sec
  • 20 x 200m @ 35sec
  • 3 x 200m @ 30sec

each with 200m jog recovery.

Took a good 15 reps to find a rhythm but by the end felt much better. Should have found my way to the track sooner.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Go from tower, well no

Went down to Calgary for the marathon this past weekend but building tension in the back lead to the decision to not starting. Went for a shake out run race morning and could tell something was just not right with the back and went back inside and let Shauna know she could continue sleeping.

The good news, there was no loss in training, with an adjustment on Monday we will be back to training. If I had run the marathon with the back out of alignment I would have had to rest for three weeks, lost fitness and would have lost another three weeks to build back up.

Over the past three months I have been training as a 3000m/5000m runner with short intervals and short tempo runs in preparation for some outdoor track races and some shorter trail / mountain events but in the process I started to think about the marathon again but with this latest development we can continue with the shorter events.

Probably for the best the back acted up as it did, I almost ran another marathon and was starting to think another ultra was in the cards:-)

Hopefully things will stay on track and the body will adapt well to the training and we can start posting some fast times. Now the marathon itself did not have anything to do the back issues, but the timing of the flare up, turns out, works in my favor.