Monday, 26 May 2014

Just a light char

Managed to barbecue the house this past Tuesday, which lead to some stress and had to take a few days to collect my thoughts but things are settling down and starting to get after it again.

Through this I missed some training but managed to put in a solid workout on Saturday and then again on Monday. After the fire I was definitely having some issues with stress and smoke inhalation but with a few good workouts under my belt I seem to have worked though and look forward to getting back to the normal routine.

The morning after, some light charring!

Fire spread quickly to the bedroom.
All that you see in the above pictures stems from the oil pan not being in its position to collect the grease drippings from the grease pan, which seems to have been dislodged over the winter and was sitting on the base of the barbecue. 

In the span of three minutes I went from standing at the barbecue about to flip the steak to answering the door and then coming back to the barbecue to see the deck engulfed in smoke and flames within the next two minutes. In the moment standing in smoke, deciding what to do Shauna was on the phone to 911 which is what saved our house as within the next five minutes the house had caught fire and had started working its way up to the roof.

The only thing I managed to do was to close the door to the deck which saved the interior of the house from the flames, other wise there would have been even more damage. The moment that hit home was when we realized kitty was still in the house and the realization that she would head to the closet which was in the direct line of the fire. As we watched the fire spread and waited for the fire to be brought under control and the moment the fire fighters could transition to finding our kitty. After thirty minutes we were reunited with kitty and she was shaking from the experience as were we.

After a long night we packed up a few things we could take for the night and headed over to Shauna's mom's house. We have been here now for six nights and are settling in and kitty has her purr back and is happy with her new surroundings.

Kitty has a new home!
We are all well and happy and enjoying our time at home and the home cooked meals. Thought about skipping this Sundays Calgary marathon but in the end decided get after it!

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Beep, beep

Another good week of double workouts each day, with a easy recovery run out at Blackfoot on Sunday and then a bang up of an extension workout this past Monday, 40 x 90 seconds with 90 seconds off. Some light "beep, beep" of the Garmin.

Running out at Blackfoot was a real treat running 10 minute mile pace and taking in the quiet and the beauty of the trail, aside from the couple having a light conversation over which direction they should go it was quite peaceful:-)

Things continue this week with doubles, no racing just yet. Will look to decide on Calgary mid week.

Tally ho!

What direction shall we go?

Monday, 12 May 2014


Time for some extension with speed in mind. With back strength improving and speed slowly coming back the goal is to extend that speed with the marathon in mind. To be able to keep the speed for the entire workout the rest needs to be easy and a little longer. The workout is 30 x 1minute with 2 minute rest at 5 minute per mile pace building to 40 x 1minute over the next few weeks so a 2 hour workout with a 15 minute warm up and 15 minute cool down for a 2:30 day.

I do this workout on the treadmill as it challenges me to get up to the desired speed, it's kind of like having a faster training partner and you are trying to latch on.

With this kind of speed I am able to tap into the nervous system and wake up the legs increasing stride efficiency and through the extension I can look at improving my speed endurance and bringing my marathon time down a notch or two or at least that is the idea:-)

If I attempted this type of extension in a non interval format I would not be able to hit these kind of speeds so in a sense which possibly makes no sense this is a long run, short interval infusion. But then again...

Nice kit fella!

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Strength Gains

I have made a lot of errors with my strength training and the transferring value from strength training to running and cross country skiing. Strength training should not only be done in batches in a given period, but should be maintained throughout the season. It has also been important to focus on quality rather than quantity and that the exercises are performed correctly, not necessarily with high loads. 
What has been key for me is sling training, the instability in the slings enables the inner stabilizing musculature in a different way than traditional strength training, exercising strength, stability and coordination at the same time. You can have well trained and very strong individual muscles, but it does not matter when they don't work together or if you have weak links such as I do with my specific disc issues.

When I first started the program below I could barely hold the position without creating tension in my weak disc space but with time and gradual progression I can now add movement with no disc irritation.

Certainly a long way to go to get to the point of the strength shown in the video but the gains made have been noticeable and running stride has improved two fold and weakness running downhills has all but been corrected.