Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Yes, I am Aware

Good progression and very happy with training and how well the St Albert 10miler went on the weekend. Went through the mile in 5:30 and felt strong, settling into pace dropping down to 5:45 pace until the 10k mark where I could feel the distance and dropped a little further off the pace down to 6:15 pace. Went through 10k in 35:30 and my 10mile time of 58:42 was slower than the past few years but all things considered I felt it was a great start to the season given after the race my Garmin beeped off about "congratulations longest run of the year", "yes I am aware" :-)

All that said slower this year based on the fact my shape less:-)

Things continue with the workout doubles focusing on the short intervals and short tempo workouts as we gear up for a 10km road race next weekend.

Monday, 7 April 2014

The Tale of the Tape

Back from a light vacation, one week with access to email, Facebook and twitter, so real light:-)

While on vaca I hit the road hard with two tempo runs per day on the non workouts days and then tempo and intervals on the key days. The tempo runs start out at an easy 8:00 pace for 6 minutes and then the pace picks up slowly dropping to 6:30 pace on the morning 12min tempo runs and 6:00 pace on the evening 18 minute tempo runs. Then they finish up with 6 minutes at 8:00 pace.

The intervals start with a 12 minute warm up at the same 8:00 pace and then things drop down to 6:00 pace for the first interval working down to 5:00 pace over the final intervals. These workouts are the long ones, they last 75 to 90mins with warm up and down.

Note pace may vary based on distance, wind and climb:-)

Things are also progressing with the diet, cleaning things up and getting off the comfort food and getting a little more grok. With the grok lifestyle the de-training 10lbs has dropped off and I am back down to 165lb from 175lb.

Some light grok
Each tempo run finishes up with Redcord type core strength.

With all the training and the core strength starting to click I am starting to get my marathon mojo back and may decide to take on the Calgary marathon.