Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Where did who go...

Where did Jack go, well not far, still in bed. Two thumbs up just cannot walk for longer than 30 minutes without having to take a knee.

No worries though, will be strong again soon, ready to get after it!

Might not be able to walk, but probably running soon:-)

Safety third:-)

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Small set back

The Alberta Indoor Games 3000 went down with an epic sprint with Marty in heat #1, good fun. Posting a time of 9:39, a little slower than my last effort but given the lead up being Birkie week I think this can be claimed a win, missing the last three workouts due to late night waxing.

With that in the pocket I was looking to get back at the training this week but I put my back out on Monday cleaning up the shop and have been sidelined ever since. In some ways it was good timing as there was a pile of paper work to do and unable too walk this left considerable time to devote to thinning the pile. Not only was it Birkie week but it is also a busy week for the shop in terms of ordering for next fall.

Now we sit and wait things out and look to when things calm and I can get back to training. Through this episode I have had a moment to reflect and have found a few links missing in my strength routine  so I am eager to get after those.

Through this reflection I may have found a way to get after skiing for next season with a whole new outlook on training but more on that at another time.

Safety third;-)

Monday, 3 February 2014

Alberta Indoor Games

The quality of training has been slowly increasing with the shorter interval format and the short tempo runs with virtually no long runs over 45 minutes. The intervals have been 5:00 to 4:45 pace and the tempo runs have been 6:00 to 5:50 pace albeit all on the treadmill as I find it easier to maximize quality workouts on the treadmill and the controlled surface is considerably easier on my back. I can speak from experience, slipping on ice is not good for reoccurring disk issues

The quality of the core strength has also increased with addition of red cord styled core strength.

With my low back history there was a conscious decision to focus on shorter events a few months back, focusing on my strengths and no longer trying to accomplish goals currently out of my reach causing set backs.

Case in point this weekends Birkie, while I could start, most likely I would tweak my back and set myself back 4 to 6 weeks as it takes that long to recover each time I set off the back and then I wouldn't be able to put my best foot forward for my upcoming indoor track races. So while I will miss not doing the Birkie I am relieved to make the decision and continue making progress. At this point I need to accept there are some things I just cannot do with the current state of my back but be happy of the things I can and enjoy the process.

Even this past Sunday while I was out testing grips for the Birkie and skiing crisp with Patrick and Paul I tweaked the back after only 90 minutes and had to slow the pace considerably to be able to make it back to the parking lot. My strength has come a long way but classic skiing 55km with a major portion of that being double poling is just not in the cards. Where as running at top speed for 10 minutes on a flat controlled surface is well within my current wheel house, I will get my fix and none of the back pain that comes with the longer events I have done in the past.

So for now I am focusing on being the best middle distance runner I can be and enjoy Nordic skiing in a non competitive environment as even with the shorter nordic events I did earlier in the season I still set off the back, setting back training a few weeks with each episode.

This Saturday is the Alberta Indoor Games 3000m, can't wait!