Tuesday, 29 July 2014

time for some training

With track season winding down and having dabbled with a few ultra based events it is time to take a few months and buckle down to some training and refocus and get ready for the fall cross season with the Saucony Series starting in September and the Nordic season starting in October with Frozen Thunder.

This training break will include a renewed focus on strength, specifically core and upper body strength and two quality workouts per day. The main formal workouts will be on Monday, Wednesday and Friday or Saturday and then short tempo workouts on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday or Saturday and a recovery run on Sunday.

With the fire I lost my strength room for a while, but now have it up and running again with a few new additions;

  1. Set of rings for chin ups, dips and push up
  2. Ab straps for leg lifts
  3. 20-pound Dynamax Medicine Ball for wall ball squats
  4. Redcord for core work

In terms of the nordic side of training roller skiing will be added in most likely in the next few weeks once the upper body strength comes online, so to speak:-)

And we have one more 3000m race coming up on August 25th, the Fast Trax staff time trial!

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Oval racing

Had some good running at the Provincial Master Track Championships this past weekend.

Quite like age grading, times look quite good after factoring in age. The fastest I ran in high school was 8:58, so in theory i am getting faster with age:-)

  • 1500m - 4:31.22 3:58.33 86.44%
  • 3000m - 9:43.42 8:42.63 84.19%    
Well, this is going to be a hotter start than S7!
Well, I am tasting blood, not good!
OK we need to stop surging:-)

Thats strange I seem to be fading, badly:-)
Next up, National Long Distance Mountain Running Championships, its my kind of course the downhills are at the end, not at the start so I have a good chance of finishing:-)

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Weekend in the Mountains

Had a great weekend in the mountains running a few of the legs of Sinister 7 and in particular running leg 4 with Shauna.

This weekend we have the Provincial Masters Track & Field Championships in Sherwood Park with the 1500m on Saturday and the 3000m on the Sunday.