Wednesday, 26 March 2014

on the back of the Tempo Run

Slowly building the fitness back up utilizing the good old fashioned tempo run. Before the set back I was up to 30 minute tempo runs at on average 6 minute pace but have dropped back down 24 minute tempo runs over the past two weeks at 6:30 pace with some runs dipping into the low 6's. Hopefully I will be building this up to 36 minutes in the next few weeks and getting the pace down in the low 6's again.

The feel of a dry bike path with no cars in sight, lovely :-)

Currently the morning progressive tempos are in the range of 7:30 pace cutting down to 6:45 and the evening runs are 7:00 cutting down to 6:30 to 6:15 depending on the night and the short intervals on Wednesday and Saturday are helping with turnover and building the speed of the tempo runs.

It is certainly easier to get the pace down on the treadmill than on the snow pack with the fresh snow but I managed to jank my treadmill.  So we are all outdoors running the neighbourhood streets with the all the joys that entails with the very people living in your community nearly running you over and occasionally laying on the horn if you are not running on the snow pack of the sidewalks that never seem to be cleared, but I digress:-)

Last week, I managed two triple workout days and the others were doubles each with the short crisp tempo runs to keep quality high and reduce the fatigue of too many longer efforts.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Getting after it

Goals remain, set backs have been had, what a fella to do?

It is not so much sit at home and think, "I will never reach the goals I have set, age is not on my side, I have lost a step, how can I ever achieve the goals I set out for myself". It is more, "why not?' "If I work hard…why not?"

That's me in the ball cap, believing,  "all that is possible"

Not to dwell on the negative, instead reflect on that is possible.

What is possible is that I can train two, three times per day, focusing on quality running and core strength, building the tempo runs back up in length and speed and just plain getting after it!

So that is the plan, get after it!

Friday, 14 March 2014

Back in the Mix

After almost a month of limited training due to back issues and the flu I am back training and enjoying the great outdoors. This Saturday is the Masters Mile at the Butterdome, I had originally planned to go to Nationals for the 3k this weekend but with the set backs my fitness is no where near where it needs to be to attend such an event.
Next up, "da Butterdome"
After the mile the goal is to continue with the track and get ready for the outdoor season with a light sprinkle of local road races, Frank's spring series and some of the 5 Peaks events.

Is a marathon in cards, possibly, we will see how the body responds. Ultra marathon, I hope not, but one never knows which way the wind will blow:-)