Monday, 20 January 2014

Good start

The Golden Bear Open went quite well, posting a 9:36, definitely a little rusty and missing the warm up left the legs a little heavy midway. Looking forward to the next event and the possibility of dipping under 9, yes a big jump, but does not hurt to try:-)
Heat #2 of the GBO
Have been working hard the past few workouts to step out of my comfort zone and push the pace of the intervals and tempo runs, keeping things short so not to accumulate too much fatigue.

Monday, 13 January 2014

3000m Project

Always liked a good project!

With the Olympic Trials wrapped up the Nordic Project winds down and indoor track season begins with the 3000m Project.

Paul and I out of the stadium looking stylish!

Paul and I had a blast "living the delusion" these past few months training as best we could to prepare for the trials, how did we fare, well, very close to bottom of the list but we were well aware going in. It was all about being part of the show and joining in on the excitement. I have never been good sitting on the side lines. Being in the show you get to see the emotion first hand and experience the strength these athletes have for their sport.

Some highlights for me was watching Brian ski the 15km classic, Graeme ski the Skiathlon and Amanda winning the Skiathlon on the women's side, each of these were inspired performances as I have known these athletes for several years, coaching both Graeme and Amanda very very early in their careers. On the other side, was chatting with friends after each race who did not reach their goals and just feeling the disappointment they were going through as they had spent the last 4 years preparing for this day. You cannot help but have your heart break for these athletes, you wish you could do and say more but at best you share a hug, a tear and some laughter of some off topic distraction.

Now with the craziness of the shop running is always easier to fit into the day so allot of my training up to this point has been running, I have only really gone skiing on the weekends so the transition will really not be a transition at all.

Over the next few months the schedule will look as follows;
  • Jan 17: Golden Bear Open (UofA)  - 3000m
  • Feb 8: AB Indoor Games (UofA) - 3000m
  • Mar 1: AB Indoor Champs (UofA) - 3000m
  • Mar 15: National Indoor 3000m Championships

Of note the "living the delusion" quote is from Shauna, as I said during the nordic training camp we did in Canmore to prepare for the trials, "living the dream", and she said "oh no your not, your living the delusion". Good stuff Shauna Blackburn-Cook!

Random goals, yes, absolutely but random is one of my best things:-)