Sunday, 22 December 2013

Strength change

After trying the Redcord strength system for a few weeks I have all but eliminated Olympic lifting and squats finding the suspension training far superior. Each workout starts or ends with an assortment of Redcord exercises.

After only a few weeks I have found better and stronger stride mechanics. As of yet I have not set up a specific Redcord, for now just using a series of ropes which seems to be doing the trick but I may ask Santa for one.

The following video shows where I started, starting with the easier version progressing to the more advanced and having mastered these have started adding new exercises as I gain strength.

Also, have me a new band, Groove Armada. Be sure to turn up your volume!

PS this is also interesting observation from Marit Bjorgen

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Some Goals Shall We

  • NorAm Canmore - January 8th, 9th, 11th and 12th, 2015


  • National Indoor 3000m Championships - March 15th, 2015

Monday, 2 December 2013

Some good racing on the weekend

Good weekend of racing at Nationals, and at the end of the day I figure I came up about 20 seconds off what I hoped for going in, but having said that, so much progress has been made I cannot help being pleased, very pleased.

On a course which was at the start of becoming a mud bath I put down a time of 28:46 for 8km for thirteenth place overall. I put down allot of this progress down to all the sprint training I have been doing and I look forward to applying these principles to my nordic ski training over the winter and seeing how it translates.

So that wraps up the running season and nordic season gets started next weekend in Vernon with Patrick and Reid heading down with me for a 20km skate race and a 1.7km classic sprint.

I am not going to lie I was feeling like I got run over by a truck yesterday, after the National double down, but today I was back out doing tempo at 10mph so I am feeling better about this coming weekend than I was yesterday:-)

Either way should be good times!

PS what is the next running goal, that is a difficult question to answer due to the issues surrounding my back, it still bothers me, it just bothers me less when I run shorter events so we will see what the body can do and do that.