Monday, 18 November 2013

Olympic lifting back in the mix

With the reduction in volume and the increase in sprint training the body is responding well. One example would be todays workout on the treadmill, 18 x 2 minutes at 12mph or 5 minutes per mile pace with 2 minutes rest, without the four weeks of sprint training proceeding this, this workout would not have been accomplished. Now during this period of adjustment and hip strengthening I have been waiting for the right time to add olympic lifting back into the program.

Everything today pointed that this was a good time to start light, so post 18 x 2 minutes I complete 3 x 2 repetitions clean and jerk with 65lbs working on form and moving the bar quickly. No need to push this and I do plan on keeping the lifting program simple and focus on the clean and jerk as it is a great overall exercise to build power.

This is coming up in two weeks, no big deal:-)

Monday, 11 November 2013

Building the speed

This past week was spent doing a exceptional amount of sprints of various distances, to improve speed and speed endurance. An example of a workout would be 90 x 5sec with 25sec recovery. This week this focus on speed continues and then the plan is to increase length of intervals leading into Nationals at the end of the month.

Some sweet skiing at SWC.