Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Back on track

Look at that, focusing on the 10km distance seems to be working just nicely. Below are a few pics from the Stewart Cup last weekend at the Provincial Senior Championships. This weekend I will head down to Calgary for the Provincial Masters Championships and then the National Masters Championships in Vancouver at the end of the month.

Sprint begins
Mid sprint

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

We should roll

The past few months we have seen time trials every Wednesday and Saturday utilizing Franks and Saucony's XC series which has been a great boost to training and just good fun. The milage has been high and efforts have been made to keep the efforts controlled in preparation for this weekends marathon in Victoria. This week the milage remains high, will still do 100 miles including the marathon but all intensity will be removed.

Chasing Marty, chasing Frank.
Post marathon we will see an injection of hard intervals to get ready for the provincial and national XC championships as well as the Nordic season.
Well, now we are all by ourselves...
Training has been great, have loved all the milage and chasing Frank all over the parks of Edmonton. Heres hoping this leads to a nice sexy PB come this Sunday.