Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Pounding the miles

Back to pounding out 100 + mile weeks and will be jacking that up starting this week moving my start point to Fort Edmonton Park from Argyle Velodrome. With this change in start point, mileage will increase to 120+ miles per week. What to I mean by start point, good question, it is where I drive too, to run to the shop and back.

Hard aerobic mileage seems to be the ticket for me with very concise hip exercises combined with two hard efforts per week. The hard efforts that seem to be provide the best stim at present are the Franks Race series on Wednesday's and the Saucony XC Race Series on Saturday's.
Jack and Matt Saucony XC SAIT
As for pure speed I incorporate 5 x 20 seconds with 20 seconds off before and after each race and after every evening run to keep the legs fresh and snappy.
Matt, Jack and Marty Saucony XC SAIT
That's it for now, if interested in the daily grind check out my Twitter feed AthleticsNorth, it is my daily blah blah blah about my running and nordic training:-)