Tuesday, 6 August 2013

so simple, but complicated...

It has been all hips all the time as of late, so much so, some days I have over did the exercises and irritated the back but with each week I seem to be getting stronger and am able to handle more training and have been irritating things less and less.

With this I have been at it each day with morning and evening runs, slowly increasing the length of the runs. One thing I have decided is to not let the back issues sway my enthusiasm so I am preparing once again for a fall marathon, starting with Edmonton as a training race and then Toronto in October.

Over and above this I may attempt MYM in September if things progress smoothly.

Training wise I hope to put in 60min to 90min each morning and evening with short intervals on Wednesday and long intervals on Saturday with 2hours on Sundays. The short intervals will be a little faster than goal race pace, the long intervals at goal race pace and the Sunday runs slightly slower than goal race pace.

Fairly simple approach but for all things complicated simple is best, "so simple, but complicated"...

Marathon here we come!

Friday, 2 August 2013

A weekend off

Had thought I might be able to hit the trail for the Death Race this weekend but body just not ready, more time is needed. That said this is the first August Long Weekend Shauna and I have had to ourselves for some time so while we are disappointed to miss the big show we are tickled pink to put our feet up for the weekend and enjoy some wobbly pops on the patio.

Good luck to all! Go Death Racer!