Wednesday, 24 July 2013

A busy time

A busy few weeks with some great training in Canmore over the weekend supporting Kim with Shauna at the 24 hours of Adreneline. Kim was taking between 1:35 to 1:45 to complete a lap giving me amble time to put in a hard training run and return to help Shauna with Kim's transitions and then head back out for another run with my main focus being putting in as much steep downhill running as possible to prepare the body for a possible attack on the Death Race.

Kim had an amazing race placing second overall for the female soloist's, such great energy!

Sinister 7 was a very positive run for me and with some more work on hip, glute and hamstring strength I might just be ready to try the Death Race. Have not 100% decided as of yet, see what the body says and take it from there.

Heading up to Whitehorse for Madeleine's and Grahame's wedding today and will be back next week, hopefully the trip will see some more good training and strength progression.

Tally ho!

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The progression of things

With the progression of the overhead squats and the strength gains I made I stepped back in the ring and headed to Crossnest pass for the Sinister 7 Ultra last weekend. No real goal in mind, just the love of the run and the mind set of meditation and the focus on the moment. From the start felt in the moment, strong, comfortable, enjoying the beauty of the trail.

Back was only strong enough for three legs and weakened through leg four. After pulling the plug there were a few days of unpleasantness but feeling better again now. Now when I say unpleasant, what I mean is, walking on hands and knees to the kitchen, this is no regular back pain, this is you stop running now and you get yourself horizontal stat:-)

Now this may sound serious and while it is at the time, with rest, ice and no walking things calm down and one carries on, as the shirt so aptly states.

This morning I went in to see Craig at West End Physio for some muscle testing to check on muscle weakness and see how the strength program has been progressing. Encouraged by Craig's remarks and motivated to add a few new additions to the program I look forward to getting stronger and getting the foot back on the pedal, so for me thats two runs a day and two strength sessions per day.

What I am I looking at now, well if you been following along my goals are a fluid thing, but I have my eye on a few things, the Edmonton Marathon and maybe the Toronto Waterfront Marathon in the fall.

I know:-)