Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Easy shall we

With the the big races getting closer the easy runs have been toned down and the hard workouts have been ramped up to include Franks race and tempo Saturdays. This week saw two big days Wednesday and Saturday. Wednesday included Franks race plus 10 x 5 minutes with 1minutes off for 20 miles of marathon  intensity and Saturday saw 5 x 20 minutes with 3 minutes off for 20 miles of some more marathon specific intensity.

Overall this past week saw 100 miles of running with two big days with the balance easy recovery runs working out the last workout preparing for the next.

This coming week will include Franks race and the 10 x 5 minute intervals on Wednesday and with that we will see how the weekend plans pan out, a few logs in the fire.

Have a good week of training, see you on the trails!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The weight is down

The weight is down to under 160lb and was able to run this past Sundays race completely pain free with no back, leg or glute pain. Finishing up a long build up of 120mile weeks with the St Albert 10miler where I was looking to break 55mins, I came in in 56:34 so was close given the conditions. I held with the lead pack until 6miles but lost contact in the downhills and then gained back a place in back half through the hills.
The gang, looking good!
The aim now is to move the weight below 155lb, reduce pace of recovery runs and increase pace of intervals. My strength is great but seeing the the lead pack slip away on the downhills so easily shows it is time to introduce some speed work.

For the past 8 weeks the focus was solely high end aerobic runs and strength so with a light dose of speed we should see another good jump in fitness in the next 4 weeks.

Writing this post, I am still wrapping my head around the events yesterday and my thoughts are with those affected.