Sunday, 24 February 2013

And so it returns

Crazy training regime returns once again with a few adjustments, more strength, shorter crisper runs Cam Levins style and tweeked nutrition plan with ideas borrowed from Prof Tim Noakes and the Iditarod. 128 miles for the week with two workouts per day mid week and three workouts on the weekend.

And so it begins, its on!

Monday, 18 February 2013

Living the dream

After a winter of focusing on strength training I am back running twice a day and put in my first 100 mile week this past week and will look to build on this in the weeks to come. Starting to get the mojo back and really want to train hard and build some fitness back and see if we can "live the dream" training wise once again.

To maximize training I love the idea of training three times a day, Cam Levin's style, but that is not an option with my schedule, so the goal is too train twice a day Tuesday to Friday to and from the shop and three times a day on Saturday, Sunday and Monday on my days off, Monday being a paper work day, which gives me the flexibility to complete the paper work on my own schedule.

In some respects time is running out on this and I want to give this one more run and see if I can maximize my training and see what unfolds.

Let the fun begin!

Monday, 11 February 2013

Post Birkie

That was a great week, loads of excitement leading up to the event, tons of fun working with Patrick testing wax and getting everything dialled in for the big day. Now while the conditions did not quite pan out as expected it was still a great day out on the trails.

For my effort, I had moments of pure effortless skiing but mostly my back just did not match or like the conditions and had to adjust pace based on the back pain. Long gone on the days where I try to push through the pain and end up unable to walk the next day or worse bed ridden for a week because I let my ego dictate the pace.
"Let the fun begin", fun which had already begun for Patrick and Tyla:-)
Once I dialled back the pace and the back pain eased I was able to enjoy the day and the pleasure of skiing the Birkie trails and with that was able to go running the next day with no side effects from pushing through the pain.

With the Birkie complete, I will certainly still do some skiing but the focus shifts to running and getting ready for the Ottawa marathon.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Alberta Cup

Good weekend of racing here in Edmonton on my local trails. I can say I have never seen the trails in such great shape and the way they designed the course made for an challenging race.

After Sundays effort I was able to get out for an easy ski with Shauna at SWC to aid recovery and with today's recovery workouts feel strong going into this weekends Birkie, the main nordic goal of the season.

The goal for the weekend was to put in two very solid efforts getting the body ready for this weekends Birkie. The key was to get out after each race to put in some easy skiing so the effort can carry forward to next week instead of sitting in the legs and creating fatigue which I think was accomplished testing binders with Patrick Saturday night and then going for a long recovery ski post race on Sunday.
Cresting ESSO hill!
Strategy wise for the Birkie, it will to be to wax for speed making sure not lose contact with the group over the the first 10km when things settle down and then once things settle focus on conserving energy, fuelling and getting ready for the attacks once we hit the fence line. If I am feeling strong when we reach the fence line, hopefully I can respond to the moves and be in the mix.