Tuesday, 18 June 2013

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In this period of transition what I have come across is that my body is not responding well to the high intensity training and the heavy strength training so I have found dialling things back just slightly is giving me the best training effect.

In terms of running doing the bulk of my milage at 6 minute pace is giving me the best response and in terms of strength focussing on the overhead squat has taken the load off and back strength is increasing instead of breaking down as it was doing squats.

To help with positioning in the overhead squat I have been utilizing the reverse overhead squat which has been simply fantastic in setting things up for the overhead squat and the running intervals to follow.

Another great exercise I have stumbled upon is the "pull through" to increase leg and back strength without over loading the back as with the deadlift.

The take home message here is finding the correct mix of exercises to build back strength without overloading so that the strength sessions are building strength and not re-injuring. Over time as back strength increases these exercise can be replaced with more challenging ones.

As for the pace of the running, the big thing here is to push the system to improve but not to push so hard so that it slows progression so at this point doing workouts at 6minute per mile pace is increasing fitness but doing intervals at 5minute pace or faster is causing the back to spasm and slowing progression.

Monday, 10 June 2013

These things take time...

It always takes a while to get back on track after tweaking the back but things are slowly coming together with two daily runs combined with olympic style lifting with the focus on overhead squats.

The daily runs are on the treadmill at 10% to reduce pounding during this period of tenderness and are in interval format with recovery days at 6 minute per mile pace and hard days at 5 minute per mile pace using the treadmill conversation chart to factor in grade.

I use the olympic lifting as part of warm up and warm down focusing on technique and mobility and increasing weight as body responds.

As for the running I started with 1 x 3minutes at each of the speeds outlined above and have increased to 3 x 3minutes and will look to continue to increase until I can complete 10 x 3minutes with 3minute off at 5minute pace without back tenderness.

My morning runs are also in interval format but speed is based on feel and the lifts are more focused on technique than weight.

For the olympic lifting, specifically the overhead squat portion the biggest road block is my back strength and mobility so while the legs are strong the back is not, so by focusing on the overhead squat it reduces the risk for pushing too much weight and over loading the back.

So for now no goals just training twice a day with daily olympic styled strength training.