Sunday, 26 May 2013

Now for something completely different

Returning home from Ottawa, which saw another set back due to back issues I look to the future and I think it is time to play to my strengths and focus on the shorter distances. I have said this in the past and then have been quickly drawn to the marathon thinking it was my best option but if we look at my build and my specific back issues it hits you that maybe I am better suited to the 5 and 10k distances. I have had this “plan B” in the back of my mind for sometime but with each failed marathon or ultra marathon attempt I have found some “what if” to keep me on the long distance path.

I have some ideas on what I might try in my training, as a newly self appointed middle distance runner to prepare for my upcoming 5 and10k’s including more strength, shorter workouts and more race pace work.

What’s done is done, time to adjust and move forward.

As for Ottawa I awoke race morning with back pain and decided not to run, but then decided to take it one step at a time just in case, so completed warm up, still back pain, but better, started race, still back pain but manageable, through 10km in 37mins, but pain no longer manageable so reduced pace to 20km for a warm down and hit the showers as I did not want to go through another week like I did post Vancouver a few weeks back. Now hopefully this conservative approach will allow me to continue with training with no lasting side effects from the back issues.

Now if you thought my training was ridiculous before wait till you see what I have planned in the weeks ahead, this is going to get worse, allot worseJ

Also if you thought attending the Ottawa marathon was out there wait till you see what I have set as my next goal, it will surpriseJ

Tuesday, 21 May 2013


This last week saw some good progression so we are cleared for take off for this weekends upcoming Ottawa marathon, the key being this Sunday's workout where I did a 25Km progressive tempo run with 10km to 20km's in 35minutes.

Monday I took easy and then Tuesday put a light run with 6 x 200m strides at race pace on pavement.

This week I will be completing small amounts of serious speed on hard surfaces. Running on slow, soft surfaces (like grass) during your taper will tune your legs to feel slow and heavy, the hard surfaces will get my  legs (and brain) ready to run fast on race day. 

The last 14 weeks of build has seen the following miles logged with two weeks where the body broke down slightly, the first(84) being from pushing the milage too quickly without adapting to the load and the second(0) after attempting a yoga position I knew I shouldn't but my competitive spirit got the best of me:-);

  1. 100miles
  2. 128miles
  3. 84miles
  4. 111miles
  5. 120miles
  6. 120miles
  7. 120miles
  8. 120miles
  9. 100miles
  10. 100miles
  11. 118miles
  12. 110miles
  13. 0miles
  14. 115miles
  15. now we taper!
This week should be fun!

Monday, 13 May 2013

Well, well...

Well, well indeed! What to do? That is the question of the day in my little world, long prep for Ottawa, great progression then I over do it in a yoga class and lightly jank my back, do a Frank's race the next day and jank further. Things seemingly settled down and then fully jank mid way through the Vancouver Half Marathon and spend the next week unable to run.

Having just spent the last week on bed rest, unable to walk for longer than five minutes, I finally went for a run today and seem to have handled the stress.  I say "seem to" as I went for a walk on Friday and thought all was in order and on the road to recovery but it in the end set me back.

It is all or nothing with disc issues it seems, either you can go or you cannot and there is no discussion.

It was a set back for sure but at the end of the day, it was a good rest and I am happy to be back running and to get on with the training.  Now with this set back do we continue with plans or adjust, it is certainly going to take awhile to get back on track as it is one thing to go for a run and another to be able to put in on the line in a marathon.

Since starting to right this post I have been out for two easy runs and feel better with each run so things look promising that the disc is behaving itself and we can start to work back up. I think for now I will see how the body handles this week and then decide on the weekend.

Certainly great to be back!

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Some light janking

So here's the thing, I lightly janked my back last week doing yoga and because of this went into last weeks Franks race and this past weekends Vancouver half a little off my game. Things had settled after Franks but flared up again midway through the half causing some slowing of pace.

I was pleased with my build up and preparation for Vancouver and overall not a bad result, first in category, 1:18 for the half, but having the back issues return is never encouraging and if I had been doing the full marathon I was not far from having to stop and walk and apparently it was noticeable as one spectator close to Shauna, as I was finishing, asked; "why is he running so slow" :-) 

Hopefully things will settle down quickly with a few treatments and I can return to training without too much interruption but with this flare up I think it is best I skip this weeks Franks race and the 5 Peaks event on the weekend. For now until things are 100% I will need to focus on easy milage and reduce the intensity so that I do not continue to irritate the area and prolong recovery.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Hard and then easy

Last week saw 118miles of miles logged with the start of this week being pretty steady with 52miles for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday including tonight's Franks race and now we taper things off with short easy runs leading into the half this weekend.

The mileage has been quite high and Wednesday's workouts have been quite taxing with the all out Franks run's being between 4km to 5km in length with 5 to 10 x 5mins intervals at the end of each race.

Tonight's Franks race was a big one coming in third just loosing touch of the lead two feeling slightly off my game and then putting in another hard workout post race with 1-2-3-4-3-2-1min intervals with 2min off on my run home from the shop. With a few days of easy runs this should put me ready leading into this weekend's half.

Once the half is complete we take a few days of easy mileage and things ramp back up with a few weeks over 120miles with a drop in mileage before the marathon.

Of note the limited yoga I have been doing has been helping with focus and pushing through those hard spots in races, similar to holding a pose in yoga and embracing the tightness and pushing through.