Wednesday, 19 December 2012

So some goals...

So I know I said I was off doing max strength and was replacing it with endurance strength, but after a few rounds of that I got a little board and went back to max strength and with that have progressed my 3RM squat PR to 285lbs which is no small amount of weight I can asure. The bar is not bending but it is a bit of an effort to get into position.

I am going to admit something here, something I rarely do, I have been at a cross roads, I have not been sure of what to do with myself goal wise these past few months. I am not as young as I used to be and quite possibly age is catching up and with that age my realistic matrix is starting to settle in on something close to Disney. Trust me up until the last few years my idea of what was possible was off the charts.

So here is what I think is possible, or what I would like to try to accomplish this year;
  1. Birkie
  2. Break 2:30 for the marathon
  3. Break 31:00 for the10km
  4. Break 7:00 for the 100km
  5. Franks Spring XC Series
  6. 5 Peaks Races
So there we have it folks, some goals. Like I said somewhere south of Disney:-)

Monday, 3 December 2012

Recap, shall we:-)

To recap, we took a break as we kept breaking down, so we decided to step back from the milage and the hours to focus on strength and building back strength and developed the 4x4 program in the process. The 4x4 program combined max strength with anaerobic threshold intervals with the goal of the National Cross Champs and the NorAm Nordic race the next weekend and at the end of the day I think we can say it was a success.

Nationals went quite well even though I put my back out the week of the race from lifting some boxes. With the back slightly "janked" I still ran strong and then at the NorAm up against the strongest skiers in Canada I skied one of the strongest races in a long time with no back pain.

Note #1: This is especially encouraging as I have only skied handful of times this winter and can say was a little rusty:-)

With this new found strength and confidence I briefly thought about going back to more milage but the more I thought about it I decided I like my new program too much and would adjust to endurance strength between intervals and increase the amount of intervals, instead of increasing milage.

***Note #2: Periodically I will put in some max strength combined with short intervals.

So before I would do 4 pull ups with a 25lb plate and I now I will do 1 minute of pull ups with body weight. So for instance tonight I did 5 x 4min @ 10mph with 4mins off. The 4 minutes off being 1minute back squats with 65lbs, 1 minute pull ups, 1 minute over head squats with 45lbs and 1 minute back extensions on my new Roman chair.

***Note #3: Surprising weakness with the Roman chair, this may prove very beneficial!

The goal will be to do longer intervals at 10mph on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and shorter intervals at 11mph on Wednesday and Saturday with short sprints through the week at 12mph. Over and above this as much skiing as I can fit in with the next big Nordic goal of the Birkie and maybe the National Championships 50km in Whistler in March if things go well:-)

***Note #4: Considerable work to be done on the nordic front:-)

As for running goals I am going to hold off for now, but I do look forward to a few indoor track races and burning out the lungs on the boards of the butterdome:-)