Monday, 29 October 2012

Stewart Cup

Things are progressing well, took part in the Stewart Cup this past weekend, uncertain if I should do the open 10k or the masters 8km, in the end decided to go with my age and went with the 8k and finished up the first master for the day in just under 30mins for the 8km course.

The course was a 2km loop and the open, masters and juniors started as a mass start and then the juniors and masters peeled off after 4 loops and the open runners completed one more loop. Safe to say it was a fast start and I was fairly janked after 1k but held tough and ran a strong race in semi deep snow.

When crossing the line one of the juniors who was also doing the 8km event asked if I was a junior and in response said thank you but no I was in the masters event and in response to this he remarked that I was pretty fast for an old guy:-)

As an observation, having raced the Stewart Cup a few times over the years I felt something missing without Glen yelling encouragement while on the course and missed the pat on the back post race, "good race old man"
Lining up for the start. Maybe skis?
Were off!
Holding strong... 
Making the big push. Go Brian!
Out for a tempo ski on the Sunday.
Whats next, Nationals Cross in Vancouver on November 24th, the big decision continue to run in the masters division or step it up and run in the open category.

As for the training the plot thickens with daily strength and intervals at various paces today hitting 265lbs for 1RM squat and got my man card with the bar sitting directly on the upper back without the sissy bar cushion, well, well, well:-)

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Post Victoria

After returning from Victoria and having put in a solid marathon it is back to focusing on 10km styled training and making the switch to Nordic for the winter and if everything goes to plan, I plan on attempting a spring marathon with marathon specific training.

I took a week with reduced paced intervals and light strength work and have now started to ramp things back up preparing for the National XC Championships on November 24th and then the distance race at the Canmore NorAm on December 3rd.

To that end I have started double workout days with light paced intervals in the morning and high paced intervals in the evening with 2 to 4minutes of 2-4RM strength between intervals depending on the length  of the intervals.

The combo of running and strength is working well, slightly unorthodox but working none the less, so we continue and keep tweaking as opportunities and ideas present themselves.

Monday, 1 October 2012


Over the past few weeks it has been the same workout repeated on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday with the following workout.

After completing a 4 minute front plank I complete the same 32 minute workout with 4 x 4 minute tempo intervals at 10mph with a 4 minute break where I complete what I refer to as 4 x 4 strength where I complete 4 reps of 4 exercises at my 4 rep max. The exercises I use are low box step ups, high box step ups, split squats and pistil squats followed by 4 box jumps, one following the other and if time permits 4 wide grip chin ups and 4 push presses and back to the treadmill. Then once the 32 minutes is complete I do another 4 minute front plank to finish up the workout.

Editors note: There are several breaks in those 4 minute planks, just sayin:-)

Then on Wednesday I do Franks race, throwing in 2 x 3 minutes with 3 minutes rest as part of my warm down and on Saturday I do a long tempo run or like last Saturday the ACAC 8km run in Camrose. As you can well imagine the legs have been pretty janked with all the strength but that is part of the loading process. This week to prepare for the Victoria marathon I am dropping the strength portion of my regular 4 x 4 interval program to give the legs some recovery, and to get that jazzy vibe when the gun goes off:-)

The idea being keep each workout consistently crisp, not too hard, not to easy and then use the strength as the tool to bring about the taper for the key events. After Victoria I will look to return to the strength straight away but at a reduced weight and slowly build back up to pre race weight and continue with the program with slightly more upper body to get ready for the Nordic season which by todays weather is not too far away:-)

Keep in mind this is just a test, by no means I am saying this is going to work, but my back is responding and is feeling stronger each week allowing me to slowly increase my training and it has been fun to do things a little differently:-)