Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Had a great run at the National Mountain Running Championships two weeks back with a very hard 11km uphill climb and was able to push hard with no back pain to hold me back. Was not as aggressive as I should have been in around the 6km point but with so many break downs I think I have lost a bit of my aggressive running style. Having said that with each positive run the aggressive style is starting to see a comeback.

Start of Mtn Running Race, straight up!

Since returning from the mountain race I have been on the road bike with one hill running workout this past Saturday to keep the legs run specific but the back fresh. Since that hill workout, that felt very strong, I have been focused on the bike and putting in big hours with back to back 5hour depletion rides on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday to put in one last endurance block before the CDR.

The body can handle this as it is cycling and not running, if I was to have done this running I would have needed to do this three weeks ago.

From here the focus is easy rides with no running and absolutely no lifting so the back goes into CDR fresh and ready to pound.

Looking forward to toeing the line and pushing the pace and being aggressive once again!

Monday, 16 July 2012

Road bike

After returning home from S7 and deciding to incorporate road biking into the program to take some of the pressure off the low back we have seen some big hours on the road and the idea and the hours in the saddle seem to be showing good signs with a solid showing at the 5 Peaks in Camrose. I was a little unsure going in and was nervous to push the pace but felt solid and gained confidence as the race progressed.
Simon, Shauna, myself and Warren post race.
With that under my belt I continue with the road bike program in preparation for this weeks Canadian Mountain Running Championships on Cypress Mountain in Vancouver.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Adjusting plan

Pictures say a thousand words in away, I felt strong and in control at this years Sinister 7 but you can see the disappointment on my face after Leg 2 having to go through the pain of having my disc flare up once again and all the joys that go with it. I worked hard on Leg 3 to work through the shooting pain into the neck and the legs but after too many excessively steep downhills I had to make the decision to step off the course on Leg 4. One never looks to or likes to step off the trail but sometimes it is the right thing to do.

I would like to congratulate the all the men's and women's solo runners, you each ran a tremendous race and give a shoot to Oleg, Joe and Darren for their strong runs. It was great to see the three of you on the podium, you each ran a very strong race!

Also I would like to congratulate each of the relay runners, you each looked very strong and determined and were an inspiration and your encouragement you give to the solo runners is greatly appreciated.
The disappointment post event is always hard and dealing with the shooting pain and the headaches is difficult but in time the inflammation subsides and the discomfort settles.

In the time spent traveling home and stopping at the Lake with Shauna for a swim and a picnic a few thoughts came to mind.

One retire from Ultras as with my chronic back issues the ultra distance just seems too hard on my body, specifically my disc space between L5/S1 and focus on running shorter events as I seem to be able to run up 90mins completely pain free.

Second, take a break from running and focus on bike training and see if I can maintain my aerobic base through road biking and key in on one or two short specific running workouts per week and with that maybe go into these ultra events with a healthy disc ready to handle some impact.

After a good nights sleep, I awoke inspired to give the road bike option a try and try one more time. So over the next three weeks I will be on my road bike putting in the miles and once things settle down I will add one or two short runs per week to keep the sport specificity active in the legs and then be back for the CDR to run the way I know I can!

These decisions are simply ones of reality, if ones body cannot handle the load then the question becomes how do I correct or do I change course. I love to run, but ultimately it does not need to be ultras but if I can I would love to continue as I love the community.
First road ride of the new bike regime:-)
So for now the plan is to incorporate road biking as my main aerobic conditioner, add in a few select runs when the back feels strong, continue core strength and take on the challenge of the CDR.

Who knows, if this works we may be onto a new and better way to train for ultras, but with the rides being so long I will need to be even better at managing my time:-)

Lastly, I wish to thank Andrew, Brian, Erin and all the wonderful volunteers, what you did on the weekend was truly a wondrous thing and I thank you!

Tally ho!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Sinister 7

Things are in full swing getting ready for this weekends Sinister 7. This will be my first full taper of the season and will be looking to push the pace, the body feels good and the calf is healing quite well from the 10k track event I did last weekend in Calgary.

Tally ho!