Sunday, 22 April 2012


Back in the mix after a wonderful trip accross the pond. Having some time to ponder what triggered the back, I think it is as simple as the long travel on the plane that triggered the disc issues during the marathon. In hind site I most likely should not have picked an overseas marathon but when New Balance offered the trip it was hard to pass up.

Now being home, based on recovery, the plan is to slowly get back into the training groove and all going well lace them up for the Calgary marathon and I think with some smart training we can get things back on track.

This past week saw single workout days as the inflammation and the back settled down and after a good weekend of training I feel ready to get back to my regular routine of running to and from the shop with the possible addition of an early morning shake out run if I can pull it off.

This time around I am going to aim use my Garmin on each of my runs to get a better idea of milage instead of just using time, mostly for interest sake.

One thing I will adjust is my current strength program with a few ideas I gained while talking to a few of the coaches in Rotterdam, good gains have been made to date, but with a few tweaks to my current exercises I think we can raise the game.

Tally ho!

Monday, 16 April 2012

Failure to launch

Also marathon finish line:-)
The goal of breaking 2:30 for the marathon not attained this past weekend in Rotterdam, but in the end, there will be races fast and slow. Now is the time to ask what happened, not to be disappointed. Now is the time to learn, adapt, change and raise the game.

What will the next goal be, not sure but I am sure it will be huge!

Peace out:-)

Monday, 9 April 2012

Time to set a PB

In these final two weeks of hard training, I had to make some slight adjustments as the body responded to each workout. After my short break with the flu I felt I needed some more work on my endurance and needed to dial back intensity slightly so not to stale recovery.

The one thing that you will see that seems slightly out of place is the 6 hour run on April 2nd. I used this to help me decide if I wanted to run the world 100km championships and while the run was a success and did not feel any back pain I decided in the end to focus solely on the marathon this spring and look to the ultra latter in the summer.

March 26th to April 1st

  • Mon am 60min aerobic, pm 60min aerobic 
  • Tue am 60min aerobic, pm 90min w/ 4 x 15min w/ 2min off
  • Wen 120min alternation workout
  • Thr am 60min aerobic, pm 90min w/ 15 x 2min w/ 2min off
  • Fri am 120min endurance
  • Sat am 120min simulation run
  • Sun am 120min endurance

April 2nd to 8th
  • Mon am 6 hour endurance run
  • Tue am 60min recovery, pm 90min w/ 2 x 30min w/ 5min off
  • Wen am 60min recovery, pm 60min recovery
  • Thr am 60min recovery, pm 90min w/ 30 x 1min w/ 1min off
  • Fri am 60min recovery, pm 90min endurance
  • Sat am 90min 10 x 3min w/ 3min off, pm 60min
  • Sun am 60min recovery, pm 60min recovery

So now with a week to go the focus is on cruise runs and making the travel as easy as possible. I decided to travel on Wednesday as the flights were better arriving on Thursday giving me Thursday, Friday and Saturday to settle in and then return on Tuesday giving me a day to explore the city after the race.

A few things stand out on this journey that I started on November 20th;
  • two workouts per day
  • complete change in approach to core strength
  • moderate increase in milage
  • reduction in pace in intervals from 1km and 3km to 10km and marathon specific pace
  • slight adjustment to approach to running stride
  • adjustment to meal timing
  • reduction in race weight from 170lbs to 160lbs - aiming for 158, but not there yet:-)
  • adjustment to race nutrition and timing of nutrition during event
  • adjustment to pre training, training and post training nutrition
Could I have done more, there are a few things I would have tweaked but for the most part I stayed the course and enjoyed the training along the way.