Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Nailed it

Just finished up a 2 hour alternation workout, alternating 1min at goal pace with 2min's at a pace slightly slower than goal pace, plus warm up and down. Now we need to increase amount of time at pace.

With that under my belt, everything seems to be back on track. The key to coming back was to staying active during the down time. Even at the height of my cold I made sure to continue to go for walks to keep legs active. As soon as I was starting to feel better I was running on the treadmill at 15min mile pace to have some impact stress to the legs. One day I did 4 hours of running broken up into three workouts so to maintain endurance but not stressing the body so much as too kick start cold symptoms. The reason I choose the treadmill was so I could control the environment and if I started to feel run down at all I could stop at any time.

Once I was able to increase the pace of these runs and had a few solid continuous runs at 10min pace I returned to interval workouts at reduced pace and now I am taking it day to day as to how hard I can push to get back to where I left off before the cold. Should not be long now and I will be back to 100%. Things always take longer than one hopes but all is well.

A cool video, I like the idea of always looking for ways to tap into ones potential, now if we had the same budget as Alberto:-) As I watch this video, my mind wanders. The scariest thing for me, is committing everything you have to one idea and what the repercussions of such an endeavor are and the complete lack of control you have over what actually might transpire. 

To truly commit is a concept that most people would say they do, but I would venture a guess there’s always an aspect of hedging your bets or holding something in reserve for the great unknown.  After all if we actually went all in, then heartbreak would be enormous.  But there would be greatness too.  And that’s the tradeoff.  To hedge your bets and be good, perhaps with luck great, or to go all in and be great at the endeavour of your choosing. 

Tally ho!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Moving forward

Back on my feet after a few days with the flu that saw me flat out for more than a few days.  It is nice to be mobile again and feeling the strength starting to return. On the plus side I am down to race weight, but do not think that counts in this situation.

So moving forward having missed the Comox Half Marathon where I was looking to put in a strong time I thought about adding another race before Rotterdam but in the end decided to just focus on quality training at race pace.
A view of the trails I was training on last week in Germany while visiting with Fischer.

Here is the outline for the next month leading up to the marathon.

  • 48min run w/ 6min warm up - 36min cruise - 6min
The "Big Tuesday" workouts
  • 19-25 - No "Big Tuesday" this week, had to skip due to flu.
  • 26-01 - 4 x 15min
  • 02-08 - 2 x 30min
  • 09-15 - 20 x 3min
Thursday and Saturdays workouts
  • These workouts will be a mixture of short intervals with short and long recoveries at marathon pace, so a little slower than the outlined 5km and 10km pace.
Monday, Wednesday and Friday workouts
  • These evenings will be cruse runs the same as the morning cruise runs.
Sunday Runs
  • 19-25 - 30km
  • 26-01 - 30km
  • 02-08 - 30km
  • 09-15 - marathon
I have been doing the same distance leading up to this but doing them as double downs at quite a high pace, now it is time to bring that all together and get comfortable at running at a high cadence for a longer distance and at the same time practicing race nutrition. (note these distances do not include warm up and warm down)

I will aim to maintain the double downs right up to three days before the marathon when I will switch to singles.

The only question remains, do I stay in Europe after the marathon to take another crack at the World 100km Championships or do I return home, not sure, thoughts?

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Keeping things from derailing

Just returned from a week in Germany visiting the Fischer factory and testing product for next years ski season while taking in the Biathlon World Championships. It took some creative planning and some will power to keep the training on track but some how I managed to keep the dbl downs going on most every day with a triple throw down one day just for insurance:-)

I may have missed my second workout on this occasion, I fully intended to go for a run but...

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Something missing

Constantly tweaking looking for that sweet spot to take my training to the next level, good gains but there is still something missing, hopefully find in the next few weeks, we have big plans!

February 27th to March 4th

  • M am 60min aerobic, pm 90min aerobic
  • T am 90min aerobic, PM 6 x 9min w/ 3min
  • W am 50min w/ 30min cruise, pm 90min w/ 30min cruise
  • T am 50min w/ 30min cruise, 90min w/ 10 x 30sec w/ 2:30 off + 30min cruise
  • F am 50min w/ 30min cruise, pm 50min w/ 30min cruise
  • S am 90min w/ 10mile in 60min, pm 90min w/ 6 x mile w/5min off @ 12mph
  • S am 90min recovery workout

February 20th to 26th

  • M am 120min aerobic
  • T am 50min w/ 30min cruise, pm 90min w/ 2 x 25min w/ 5min off
  • W am 50min w/ 30min cruise, pm 50min w/ 30min cruise
  • T am 50min w/ 30min cruise, pm 90min w/ 10 x 30sec w/ 2:30 off + 30min cruise
  • F am 50min w/ 30min cruise, pm 50min w/ 30min cruise
  • S am 90min w/ 60min tempo, pm 90min w/ 60min tempo.
  • S am 60min alternation workout, pm 120min alternation workout

Good two weeks heading to Comox for the Half marathon on March 18th.

So how do we make this better?