Thursday, 26 January 2012

Looking for speed

Have started to feel the need to build some speed and running specific leg strength, so 5 x 1min @ 10% grade @ 12mph with 9min rest between intervals at the end of my evening recovery runs on Monday and Wednesday over the next training block before starting specific marathon prep.

We should see some progressions, tally ho!

Monday, 23 January 2012

Nordic Weekend

Another good week of training and racing. I posted two video's of the 10km Classic Race that I did on Friday at the Western Canadian Championships. I have to say I have been on the nordic ski scene for quite a few years and when I take part in a NorAm event every few years it is interesting to look around and see all the changing faces.

As Shauna and I watched the open men's medals presentation for the overall awards on the final day I commented that I had known most of these athletes since the days they were skiing around traffic cones in the Jackrabbit programs of the day or that I had coached them at one point or another at various Swift camps that I helped out at over the years. It is great to see all the hard work they put in over the years paved the way to where they are today.

The other thing that stood out was how strong the mini midget athletes looked as they exploded off the line to take on the challenges of the Canmore Nordic trails. If you have not been, the racing trails in Canmore are monster trails and not for the faint of heart.

It touches the heart to watch the young up and coming young racers all decked out in the latest gear so excited about skiing.

Here are the videos Shauna took of me over the weekend, I'm look'n all flash until the young gun barrels past and then I am not look'n so fly:-) In my defence I am on my third lap and the guy passing is just starting out.

Final lap, not looking as strong:-)

Off the start looking strong!

At the end of the week I managed overall masters champion for the two events and took two gold in the Masters ll division.

As for my training I have been maintaining two workouts per day and of good quality, mostly running as was quite apparent after the 15km skate on Sunday, with only a handful of skate skis this winter my quads were shot after I crossed the line.

Back to running with some hard Birkie prep skis on the weekend to get ready for the Birkie in three weeks time.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Week in review

January 9-15
  • M am 75min w/ 60min tempo, pm 60min easy
  • T am 60min easy, pm 90min w/ 15 x 2min
  • W am 60min easy, pm 90min easy
  • T am 60min easy, pm 120min w/ 6 x 8min
  • F am 60min easy, pm 60min easy
  • S am 45min easy, pm 75min w/ 3km in 9:35 + 2 x 2min after event
  • S am 90min progression run, 60min progression run
Total 100+ miles
Time to Nordic this weekend!
Training progressing well, had great fun doing the 3000m Time Trial at the butterdome last Saturday. Had hoped to run the Golden Bear Open 3000m this Saturday but it is the same weekend as the Western Canadian Nordic Champs down in Canmore.
Some finer points to training at the moment, starting to dial in race specific pace work with faster paced recoveries between intervals to replicate race conditions more closely. The progression runs at present start even paced and build to race specific pace near end over hilly terrain and will progress to even more race specific work as marathon gets closer.
Now we wax on, wax off and get ready to use the upper body!

Sunday, 15 January 2012

3000m Time Trial

A modest start, a strong move, followed by a slow fade:-)

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Setting up

When getting after it, you in a sense need to set yourself up for success, there is just no way around it, putting in 100+ miles a week you need a system. For myself the running had to be through the river valleys of Edmonton as I wanted nothing to do with the city streets. When you are in a car it all seems normal, the aggressive driving, the cutting people off, the rolling through stops signs, the running red lights, its all in a days work but when you are not in a car it is scary shit out there!

But I digress, if I was to leave it to waking up and going for a run from home and then driving to work and then driving home and then heading back out the door for another run it just was not going to happen, some days yes but not all days and training is all the "trial of miles" to get the best out of yourself it needs to be twice a day every day, no question and it needs to be running.

Now if I ran directly from home to the shop it was too far and also too much city for my liking as I covered above:-) So what I decided would be best for me would be to drive part way and park next to river valley trails and run to shop and then back to car at the end of the day and I can say it was the best decision I ever made. When you put yourself in the position where by you have to run every morning and evening it just happens and once you get into the routine it is easy and enjoyable.

Some bonuses are if you have a shower at your shop and you work in the sports industry as your attire is sports casual :-)

One thing I cannot stress enough is if you endeavour to bang out 100 + mile weeks you need some cushion, especially in the winter when you are predominately on pavement. I am all neutral, flexible, dynamic movement based in my shoe selection but I like my cushioning and I selected the amount of cushion based on the distance and pace to be covered and in these conditions I also take a set of crampons just in case I slip off the trail and need to climb out of the ravine:-)

Note to city, if you read this, the bike paths are scary as shit out there, just sayin:-)

Some music for the weekend for you to enjoy;

The Black Keys

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Good increases in pace

Last week I posted I was making some adjustments to diet as I have done many times over the years but with my insomnia getting the better of me I needed to get slightly more diligent and cut all sugar, wheat, dairy, alcohol and limit myself to one cup of java upon rising. Its still early but it seems to make a big difference.

In terms of training all the aerobic training is showing good returns steady state runs (60 to 90min runs) are hovering around 6min pace and tempo intervals (6min to 12min intervals) are showing speeds of 5:30 pace.
Jan 2-8
  • M am 60min, pm 60min
  • T am 60min, pm 90min w/ 60min aerobic best
  • W am 60min, pm 90min
  • T am 60min, pm 120min w/ 60min aerobic best
  • F am 60min, pm 60min
  • S am 75min, pm 75min both workouts w/ 60min aerobic best
  • S am 150min w/ 15km time trial
Total 100+ miles

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Getting after it

Over the holidays I dropped the milage slightly to increase the pace of each run and with this complete I hope to increase the milage again with the goal of keeping the same pace.

Dec 26-Jan 1
  • M am 60min, pm 60min
  • T am 60min, pm 90min
  • W am 60min, pm 60min
  • T am 60min, pm 90min
  • F am 60min, pm 60min
  • S am 60min, pm 60min
  • S am 120min
Total 100 +

Dec 19-25
  • M am 30min, pm 150min
  • T am 90min, pm 90min
  • W am 60min, pm 60min
  • T am 90min, pm 90min
  • F am 60min, pm 30min
  • S am 60min, pm 30min
  • S am 60min, 120min
Total 100 +

As a side note I have been tweaking my diet slightly looking to solve my insomnia as it has been getting increasing worse and have eliminated sugar, alcohol, dairy and wheat with one morning coffee and I am starting to see good responses and have started sleeping better.