Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Progression of strength

After pushing the squat program too hard the first go around I am am back after it, Broz's style, having just finished up a good block of core and body weight strength. This go around I am focusing on the following four exercises with good form;

  • Squats with 1-3rm
  • Step Ups with 1-3rm
  • Lunges with 1-3rm
  • Box jumps with low box
da gym
Over time with the right progression I aim to add some olympic style lifting.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Whata you doin, gearing down...

After a few weeks of "gearing down" and general training, giving the back some time to relax, its time to get after things with my goal 10km race coming up September 22nd.

During my break which nicely corresponded with my vacation to Ontario cottage country, I had some time to do some reading on Tim Noakes low carb approach and and his ideas on nutrition and have made some adjustments to my food choices.

As for training I have been putting more thought into preparing for 10km events with my unique trick back and have decided to shorten workouts to 30min and increase the pace even further on the notion that I have put in the aerobic work over the past seven years with all the ultra training.

To help lesson the impact I have been doing this increase in pace while using elevation to push the system completing workouts at 15% on the treadmill. By using 15% I can do tempo runs at what corresponds to 6min / mile pace and not feel completely destroyed at the end. I can also do medium length intervals at 5:00 pace and short intervals at 4:45 pace at the same 15% and again not have that beaten up feeling as I would trying to do the same pace on say a track or bike path.

In doing this I also need to keep up my fast twitch work with high paced turn over, so at the completion of my short intervals at 15% I do a few 12mph at 0% intervals to keep the turnover.

The last thing with this approach is a slow time trial program starting with a 1km time trial at goal 10km race pace and increasing 1km in length each week taking the speed and then extending the speed replacing the normal Sunday long run that has been in the program for years.

Now through the ideas outlined in the Tim Noakes article, I plan on reducing weight to reach goal race weight which I think will play an important role in taking pressure off my low back. Combined with this decrease in weight, the shorter workouts at elevation should allow me to increase intensity without breaking down and the progressive extension of the time trials should tie everything together.

Incorporated with these changes is the concept of warm up and warm down core strength and strength as outlined in the following example videos.

Warm Up Core Strength - Tempo Days

Post Workout Strength - Interval Workouts

Post Run Core Strength - Tempo Workouts

Tally ho, 10km here we come...

Friday, 10 August 2012

New Direction

With the ultra running putting too much pressure on my weakening disc I will be looking to take on a new challenge and lowering my 10km personal best over the next few years and build back up to the marathon distance and maybe over time return to the ultra distance. If I do decide to do a ultra distance event down the road, I would focus on the road ultras as the trail ultras with the steep downhill sections are simply to hard on my back.

Having made the decision to make the change it has been exciting to make a new plan and try something new and attack training with a new goal. These shorter crisper runs have been great after allot of years of longer easier paced runs. I feel refreshed, excited and having a blast with this new styled training.

Time to hit the road!

The plan at this point is to focus on two to three quality 40min runs per day with quality intervals on Wednesday and Saturday aiming to run the National 10km Championships in September and the National Cross Country Championships in November.

Included in this plan I will continue to ride my bike to the shop and back each day as I have really enjoyed the road riding!