Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Tigtening things up

Now that I have started to adapt to the distance increases and the speed of each run has improved I am looking to drop the distance of each run slightly and increase the pace of each workout. Aerobic best runs are starting to show speeds of 6:30 to 6:45 pace and aerobic best interval runs are showing speeds of 5:45 to 6:00 pace.

Goal Weekly Schedule for the next period

  • Monday am 60min, pm 60min - 15miles
  • Tuesday am 60min, pm 90min - 20miles
  • Wednesday am 60min, pm 60min - 15miles
  • Thursday am 60min, pm 90min - 20miles
  • Friday am 60min, pm 60min - 15miles
  • Saturday am 60min, pm 60min - 15miles
  • Sunday am 150min - 20miles

Total 100 + with focus on quality pacing

The double workouts are showing good improvements to fitness and it has been nice running a portion of the way to the shop and back each day and by keeping the workouts aerobic and eliminating the heavy squat program I have seen a significant decrease in back pain.

Basically I approach each run like I am late for dinner:-)

Monday, 19 December 2011

Month in review

Having set out on my new aerobic path four weeks back, I thought it was time to look back and see how things went and see if things needed to be adjusted. The first two week's I was running quite slow just to adjust to the increase in mileage and I would guess 7mph on average, just easy running. The next two weeks I felt some adjustment and most likely increased to 7.5mph giving me the following for running hours and mileage;

Nov 21-27
  • M - am 90min, pm 90min
  • T - am 90min, pm 90min
  • W - am 90min, pm 30min
  • T - am 90min, pm 90min
  • F - am 90min, pm 90min
  • S - am 90min, pm 90min
  • S - am 120min
Total 100 +

Nov 28-Dec 3
  • M - am 90min, pm 90min
  • T - am 90min, pm 90min
  • W - am 90min, pm 90min
  • T - am 90min, pm 90min
  • F - am 60min, pm 60min
  • S - am 90min
  • S - am 120min
Total 100 +

Dec 5-11
  • M - am 120min
  • T - am 90min, pm 90min
  • W - am 60min, pm 90min
  • T - am 60min, pm 60min
  • F - am 60min, pm 150min
  • S - am 60min, pm 60min
  • S - am 60min, pm 60min
Total 100 +

Dec 12-18
  • M - am 180min
  • T - am 60min, pm 90min
  • W - am 30min, pm 150min
  • T - am 120min, pm 90min
  • F - am 60min, pm 60min
  • S - am 60min, pm 60min
  • S - am 120min
Total 100 +

Yesterday I went for 144mins and covered 18miles over hilly terrain running a consistent 8mph and felt quite strong so I am thinking that most miles over the coming weeks will be at 8mph for my aerobic running and possibly 10mph for my aerobic best runs. Once I settle into this program I will have to remember to take my Garmin for some of these runs but at this time the goal is to run a variety of distances at a variety of paces in the aerobic range.

This idea is not new,  other the years there have been a number of athletes that have had good success exclusively training their aerobic systems, but the one item you will notice across the board is that each them worked at their best aerobic pace for their main workouts of the day and then any supplement training was done at a more relaxed pace.

I think you can look at "best aerobic pace" as follows;
  • long intervals(6min to 12min) @ 10km pace
  • long intervals (13min to 20min @ 15km pace
  • tempo runs (40min to 60min) @20km pace
  • steady state runs (60min to 90min) @ 30km pace
  • long runs (90min to 180min) @ Marathon pace + 30sec to 45sec per mile
So why all the miles, push the envelope and see what becomes of the training.

One interesting thing when I look back at my best results it was done on high mileage and aerobic best training with no strength training. Not that I am opposed to fast paced intervals but it just does not seem to match my body type and specific back issues.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Some big mileage

Some big mileage has been logged these past few weeks running at a comfortable pace with no pre-set idea of what the pace should be but rather allowing it to come naturally. Now that I am starting to see some adaptation I will be looking to increase the pace of these runs as the body allows.

One thing of note these miles have been logged in high mileage cushioning shoes as I just would not have been able to log these kind of miles in a barefoot styled shoe. Now, I have used and continue to use minimalist shoes as part of my training and they have taught me to run tall with a quick footstike at the midpoint of the stance phase and I have been able to transfer that natural movement to all my training shoes, it is ingrained and the barefoot style shoes allowed me to make that change.

What I can say without question is that if I used barefoot styled shoes for all my mileage over the past three weeks I would have broken down unable to maintain training. Why can I say that, I have tried. Two years back with proper progression I was running 100 mile weeks and after three weeks my body started to break down and I had to reduce mileage. This time using well cushion neutral shoes I have been able to handle the mileage, recover and build on my training instead of breaking down.

No matter how much training you put in you have to be able to recover otherwise it is not well conceived. It all comes down to goals, if your goal is to run as part of an overall fitness program I think barefoot styled shoes are a wise choice but if your goal is to maximize your training to run your best marathon or ultra marathon barefoot shoes should be considered a training tool allowing you to run injury free.  The barefoot training giving you the strength and form to enjoy the benefits of a well cushioned neutral shoe as I think it is important to move away from stability shoes with the correct core and foot strength allowing your foot to move through its natural plane.

For myself, the key part to a shoe is that it moves with your foot and not so much how low the heel is to the ground. The amount of protection you need will be based on how much mileage you plan on logging as well as frequency, in terms of how many times per week or if you plan on running twice a day.

With the low snow pack, I may decide to do the Rotterdam marathon this April and use the winter to build my base and attempt to run my best marathon possible. Should be fun if all the stars align!

Monday, 5 December 2011

Aerobic treating me well

Good responses to training this week. My brain maybe another story, still dumb as a stump:-)

Great race in Canmore for my first ski race of the season, did not even think about my back but did manage to forget wax box at shop so my grip options were limited and I went a little light on the base binder going for speed as I thought there would be a foot of new snow having just white knuckled it through a blizzard but I digress:-)

The important part is I pushed hard and push again and had no issues with da back so I am tickled, you know, pink! I pushed so hard I fell down going uphill, yes it can be done:-(

Next race I either take a wax box or Patrick or preferably both to wax my skis. One should not wax for speed with a 2km uphill x 3:-(

On a side note my new boards are sick and no holes in the tips so I git my monies worth:-)

PS, my new bands Hot Fiction and Brad Sucks!

Will post some pics as the week progresses.