Tuesday, 31 March 2015

April showers...

April showers bring May flowers as does April training bring May shape. As I am back training after a long lay off with injury it seems like a good time for a fresh beginning.

New ideas and new direction brings a new website. 
See you at AthleticsNorth.weebly.com

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Calve raises and then some

Through the process of daily calves raises and maintaining the rhythm of training through the bike I am now back running keeping the same workout schedule but at a much reduced pace working the mechanics of the running stride with the running and working through the gnarly parts with the calves raises.
Looking forward to spring!
If it is any indication I am now walking down stairs under my own strength, no hand rail required:-)

Monday, 9 March 2015

Goodbye indoor season

The transition to running did not go as smooth as hoped, irritated the achilles with some stretching and mobility work. So it is back on the bike doing the intervals and tempo work in the standing position and the recovery work in the seated position.

The achilles improves a little each day on the bike so we are "keeping calm and training on"as they say and look forward to starting the outdoor track season in May.

I had hoped to do the masters mile this weekend but I think that would be pushing things just a little at this point and due too the set backs there will be no spring marathon.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Working through

Not every training week is full of spills and trills, some weeks you are just working through the steps, doing the little things to get back to full strength. Things like riding the bike, ice bathes, foam rolling and the like. 

I have been able to maintain fitness through the work I have been doing on the bike, so this transition back to running has been quite smooth in terms of pace. There continues to be stiffness but with slow increases in time on the treadmill each day the amount of running is increasing.

Not quite ready to take the running outdoors as the treadmill offers a certain element of control given the uneven footing on the snow packed trails.

The rebuilding process is taking longer than expected but I am hoping for a breakthrough shortly so we can get back to focusing on the indoor track season.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Some new arrivals

There has certainly been a period of unsettle after the house fire and moving to a new and temporary home. The day to day routine had to be adjusted and on the training side of things not having a home gym certainly affected that and in particular the little things like the daily strength and mobility work. It did not seem like much at the time but now having our home gym set up again and fully functional you can notice the reduction in strength and how that plays into those small injuries that creep up on you.

The back extension machine is certainly one of them and how big a role it played in keeping the back strong and healthy.

I certainly had good intentions and kept up a simpler strength program during the time of transition but it is nice to see the toys back and in place!

Now we begin to rebuild!

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Indoor season

Against my better judgement I threw my hat into the nordic ring a few weeks back and did the Nordic Alberta Cup race out at SWC and well it was not kind to my back and I spent the holidays unable to run or ski without discomfort and spent most of my training time walking the trails of Canmore which in the end was quite nice, a nice break from regular training.

I had a sense that the race was going to be hard on my back as through the fall roller skiing to prepare for the winter season I could feel the negative effects it was having on my running and sleep patterns. So in a sense "just proving a theory".

Certainly I have a long standing back issue and there are some things that I can just not do but I am trying to rule things out and find that sweet spot that allows me to enjoy sport, and the ultimate feeling of pushing ones limits.

At the moment running low milage at my aerobic best heart rate seems to be the best fit and allows me to run races at my best efforts so long as I avoid nordic racing and long ultra trail racing.

With the holidays behind us I am back training twice a day on the bike as the back is still not ready for skiing or running. The biking I am doing is standing as to replicate running as close as possible and maintain the desired heart rate.

The workouts continue to be the same, short tempo on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, intervals on Wednesday and Saturday and a recovery workout on Sunday. In conjunction with the tempo workouts I include strength work with squats and deadlifts with no weight, working on technique.

So far this set up has been working quite well and seems favourable in not aggravating the back muscles.

All things going to plan we will be ready for the Golden Bear Open 3000m and 1500m on January 24th and 25th.

Monday, 8 December 2014


So here we go, some goals for 2015;

  • some light indoor track racing aiming to dip under 9 for 3k
  • rotterdam marathon, aiming for south of 2:30:00
    • how far south, god hates a coward:-)
  • nationals track 10km, aiming to dip under 32:00
    • how large a dip, well one second would be just fine with me:-)
Nordic / Ski Racing
  • local alberta cups, depending on how back responds to skiing
  • local loppets, see above:-)
General state of affairs
I am almost back to full health running eighteen minute tempo runs not including warm up and warm down and just ramped those up to twenty four minutes plus 60 minute aerobic skis. Right now tempo runs are coming in at 7 minutes per mile and will look to get that down to under 6 over the next few months as health and fitness improves and the skiing will remain easy aerobic skiing as intervals are putting too much pressure on the back muscles.
This seemed appropriate for this post.
How are these goals going to all happen;
  • focus on nutrition
  • gradual reduction of body weight
  • focus on recovery
  • proper pacing of workouts
  • no ski intervals so not to irritate the back muscles, just aerobic paced skiing this winter
  • low rep, high weight strength training using two exercises;
    • overhead squats
    • deadlifts
Barring that, they will remain just that, goals:-)